Online Piano Toolkit

This Online Piano Toolkit session is all about those practical piano issues like tuning, care and maintenance, etc. And some non-practical as well, as you will see!

We plan to include in this session everything related to piano under the sun!

Let's not be totally pretentious, though. Of course time will come you'll want to know about, let's see, the best way to send your piano Internationally, or references to piano concerts worldwide.

If we go in that direction, it's very possible we'll end up with reviews about the best Hotels in the cities you'll plan your next concert attendance, lower airfares and discount tickets to get in, where to get auto rental discounts for pianists (!), and so on.

It's a whole world of things, all related, directly and indirectly - lots of them totally indirectly, of course - to the piano. Let's see where it takes us!

Oh yes, one more thing. Why did we call it "online piano toolkit"? Well, for one thing, it's a "toolkit" because it's like a box of chocolate... "you never know what you're gonna get"... and "online" because all the resources we'll post here can be handled online.

Speaking of which, here's a random example of online piano toolkit! ;)

We'll keep adding articles, those kind you'll enjoy on a coffee break. Enjoy the journey!

Here It Is: Your Online Piano Toolkit
Piano Acoustics

Piano acoustics is an exploration of how physical science, particularly acoustics, can help to explain a number of important properties of the piano.

Virtual Piano

This is a Virtual Piano with 88 keys tuned to A440. The frequency of each note is derived from the twelfth root of two.

Piano Care and Maintenance

The piano requires various forms of maintenance to produce its best sound. Maintenance is also important for the appearance of the piano.

Piano Materials

Many parts of a piano are made of materials selected for extreme sturdiness. In quality pianos, the outer rim of the piano is made of a hardwood, normally maple or...

Piano Innovations

This article covers a number of innovations from recent times in the building of pianos.

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