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This Free Piano Lessons session is a bit out of the ordinary. We could have started with writing down a progression of piano learning techniques, starting with music theory and going on and on through maestro's fingering exercises.

In this particular case, though, we decided to take you first to a particular website. You'll find there some really interesting material: free piano lessons, a chat room, band software, newsletters, etc., all under the baton of Jermaine Griggs.

He's an amazing musician that has been taking the Internet by storm for some years now, and keeps having one of the busiest sites for piano lessons on the Internet. It also received a 5 star grade from the public through Alexa, the rating system. Not bad!

We first decided to check it out for you, with the idea of collecting some interesting material, digest it and present it here in the usual simple and easy way you already learned to love! Right?

At the end we just gave up on that. It would have been a lot easier for you to figure it out by yourself. By signing up for their free newsletter you'll have instant access to the free piano lessons.

We could have reproduced them here, but since Jermaine keeps improving the papers over and over, it would have been a distressful nonsense to constantly keep track of it.

Just check it out. Follow the steps of more than 270,000 worldwide happy musicians, and experiment the methods of Jermaine Griggs by going to his Free Piano Lessons website.

If you don't like it (we seriously doubt it, but anything is possible!), just come back here for the usual break: a fresh coffee mug will be waiting for you.

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