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A special thanks to Stephen Pearson for this free Christian sheet music collection. In his own words:

"Free sheet music and related resources are offered at this time to local churches and similar bodies for non-commercial use in worship, praise, and devotions. If the music is useful, I ask that folks give something extra to those in need, in lieu of any fees. It need not be money. It may be love, comfort, support, shelter . . . . Any act of kindness will do. Be watchful. Be creative."

We couldn't agree more!

Remember that this is a coffee break. Even with a subject so solemn as Christian Music, there's still room for a nice break. Particularly because they are Free Christian Sheet Music!

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Here They Are: Your Free Christian Sheet Music
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Sheet Music & Lyrics

We received requests to post Christian Lyrics. It was a great idea, and thank you for your suggestions.
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Sheet Music


Psalm 001 - Blessed Are They
Psalm 002 - The Lord Has Laced A King
Psalm 003 - For You Are My Shield
Psalm 004 - Answer Me, O Righteous God
Psalm 005 - Hear Me Lord
Psalm 006 - O Lord, Show Me Your Mercy
Psalm 007 - Such A Refuge You Are
Psalm 008 - Lord, O Lord, How Majestic Is Your Name
Psalm 009 - I Will Praise You With My Heart
Psalm 010 - Arise! Arise! Lift Up Your Hands

Psalm 011 - Because You Are With Me
Psalm 012 - The Words Of The Lord Are Like Silver
Psalm 013 - How Long, O Lord, Will You Forsake Me?
Psalm 014 - God Looks Down On Man
Psalm 015 - Lord, Who May Dwell In Your Sanctuary?
Psalm 016 - Keep Me Safe, O God, I Pray
Psalm 017 - Lord, Search Me
Psalm 018 - The Lord Is My Strenght
Psalm 019 - Heaven Declares
Psalm 020 - Sending Off

Psalm 021 - Be Exalted, O Lord
Psalm 022 - Don't Foresake Me!
Psalm 023 - The Lord Is My Shepherd
Psalm 024 - Lift Up Your Heads
Psalm 025 - Show Me Your Ways, O Lord
Psalm 026 - Vindicate Me
Psalm 027 - Whom Shall I Fear?
Psalm 028 - My Strenght And My Shield
Psalm 029 - Ascribe To God
Psalm 030 - I Will Exalt You!

Psalm 031 - In Thee, O Lord, I Put My Trust
Psalm 032 - Blessed Are Those
Psalm 033 - Give Glory To The Lord Your God
Psalm 034 - I Will Extol The Lord, My God!
Psalm 035 - Contend, O God
Psalm 036 - How Precious Is Your Love
Psalm 037 - Trust In The Lord, Be Good
Psalm 038 - O My God, Withhold Your Anger
Psalm 039 - I Watched My Ways
Psalm 040 - I Waited Patiently For Thee

Psalm 041 - Praise Be To God Forever
Psalm 042 - As The Deer Pants For The Water
Psalm 043 - Vindicate Me
Psalm 044 - Do You Sleep, O My Lord God?
Psalm 045 - Your Throne, O God, Is Forever
Psalm 046 - God Our Refuge And Strength
Psalm 047 - Sing Praise, Sing Praise!
Psalm 048 - O How Beautiful
Psalm 049 - Listen!
Psalm 050 - Hear, Hear The Teaching Of The Lord

Psalm 051 - Create In Me A Clean Heart
Psalm 052 - I Flourish In Your House, O God
Psalm 053 - God Looks From Heaven
Psalm 054 - Surely My God Is With Me
Psalm 055 - Oh, That I Had The Wings Of A Dove
Psalm 056 - I WIll Trust In My Lord
Psalm 057 - How Great Your Love
Psalm 058 - Do You Speak In Rightousness
Psalm 059 - O God, My Strength And Savior
Psalm 060 - Be With Us, Lord

Psalm 061 - Hear. Hear, God, My Cry
Psalm 062 - I Find Rest In My God
Psalm 063 - I Will Praise You
Psalm 064 - Hear Me, O God
Psalm 065 - You Answer Us With Awesome deeds
Psalm 066 - Give Praise To God
Psalm 067 - Prayer
Psalm 068 - Glory To God Who Reigns On High
Psalm 069 - Rescue Me, O Lord, From The Depth
Psalm 070 - Hasten, O God, To Save Me

Psalm 071 - The Lord Is My Refuge
Psalm 072 - Sing Praise To Our God
Psalm 073 - I Don't Know
Psalm 074 - O Lord God, Are You There?
Psalm 075 - We Give Thanks To You
Psalm 076 - Great Is Our Lord God!
Psalm 077 - You Lord Are There
Psalm 078 - Stay True To God
Psalm 079 - O God, Your Land Now Lays In Waste
Psalm 080 - Hear Us Lord

Psalm 081 - Sing Out In Joy
Psalm 082 - To The Powers Of Earth
Psalm 083 - Be With Us, O God
Psalm 084 - How Lovely Is your Dwelling Place
Psalm 085 - I WIll Listen To My God
Psalm 086 - Hear Me, Lord, And Answer Me
Psalm 087 - God Has Set His Throne Within This Place
Psalm 088 - O God, Day And Night I Cry To You
Psalm 089 - I Will Sing Of Your Faithfulness And Love
Psalm 090 - Like A Watch In The Night

Psalm 091 - Those Who Dwell In The Shelter Of The Lord
Psalm 092 - 'Tis Good To Praise The Lord
Psalm 093 - Our God Reigns
Psalm 094 - Who But My God?
Psalm 095 - Let Us Pray_The_Rock_Of_Salvation
Psalm 096 - Sing Praise, Sing Praise
Psalm 097 - Hear, Hear The Thunder
Psalm 098 - I Will Sing Unto The Lord
Psalm 099 - God Is Good
Psalm 100 - The Sheep Of Your Lands

Psalm 101 - I'll Sing Of Your Justice And Love
Psalm 102 - Hear Our Prayer, Lord
Psalm 103 - Bless The Lord Of My Soul
Psalm 104 - Lord, How Great You Are!
Psalm 105 - Come And Give Thanks To The Lord
Psalm 106 - Praise The Lord, Praise Our Mighty God
Psalm 107 - Gos Is So Good To Us
Psalm 108 - With God We Gain The Victory
Psalm 109 - Be With Me, O Sovereign God
Psalm 110 - Sir At The Side Of Your Lord God, Jehovah

Psalm 111 - I Will Praise You Lord
Psalm 112 - Blessed Are Those Who Love You
Psalm 113 - Praise The Lord
Psalm 114 - When The People Came From Egypt
Psalm 115 - Not To Us, O Lord
Psalm 116 - You Were There!
Psalm 117 - Praise The Lord, All Of Ye Nations
Psalm 118 - Give Your Thanks To God

Psalm 119:1-Aleph - Blessed Are Those
Psalm 119:9-Beth - Lord, I'll Not Forget Them
Psalm 119:17-Gimel - O Lord, I Hunger For Your Law
Psalm 119:25-Daleth - Lord, I Lift My Cares To You
Psalm 119:33-He - Give Me Understanding
Psalm 119:41-Waw - Such Unfailing Love
Psalm 119:49-Zayin - Your Word Is Always With Me
Psalm 119:57-Heth - You Are My Portion
Psalm 119:65-Teth - Teach Me, Lord, To See
Psalm 119:73-Yodh - Be My Comfort, Lord
Psalm 119:81-Kaph - My Soul, It Longs For You
Psalm 119:89-Lamedh - Thy Word Reigns In The Heavens
Psalm 119:97-Mem - I Love Your Law, My Lord
Psalm 119:105-Nun - Thy Word
Psalm 119:113-Samekh - My Lord, You Are My Refuge
Psalm 119:121-Ayin - I Have Done What Is Right And Just
Psalm 119:129-Pe - Your Word, O Lord
Psalm 119:137-Tsadhe - Righteous Are You Lord, God
Psalm 119:145-Qoph - My Heart Cries Out Unto You
Psalm 119:153-Resh - Look Upon Me In My Suff-'ring
Psalm 119:161-Shin - I Obey Thy Laws
Psalm 119:169-Taw - Through Thy Word

Psalm 120 - I Call On You In My Distress

Psalm 121 - I Lift Up My Eyes To The Hills
Psalm 122 - Peace Be With You
Psalm 123 - As The Eyes
Psalm 124 - If The Lord Had Not Been On Our Side
Psalm 125 - Those Who Trust In You
Psalm 126 - When The Lord Brought Us Back To Zion
Psalm 127 - Great Is The Gift Of Our Children
Psalm 128 - Blessed Are The Children
Psalm 129 - From Our Youth, Lord
Psalm 130 - From The Depths, I Cry To You

Psalm 131 - The Greatest Peace I Know
Psalm 132 - Let Us Go To God's Dwelling Place
Psalm 133 - Behold How Good It Is
Psalm 134 - Praise Ye The Lord
Psalm 135 - Sing To The Lord, Sing Unto God
Psalm 136 - Give Thanks To The Lord
Psalm 137 - Song Of Exile
Psalm 138 - I Will Sing Praises To My God
Psalm 139 - You Are There, You Are There
Psalm 140 - O Sov'reign Lord

Psalm 141 - I Call Unto You
Psalm 142 - Be With Me
Psalm 143 - May The Morning
Psalm 144 - Who Are We?
Psalm 145 - Sing Praise To God
Psalm 146 - Praise The Lord, Praise The Lord My Soul!
Psalm 147 - Praise To The Lord
Psalm 148 - Let Us Praise The Lord, Our God, Almighty
Psalm 149 - Sing Ye Believers
Psalm 150 - Great Is Our Lord God

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